Using Digital Reef's software, we're able to provide our corprate clients with legally defensible, full scale, on-site collection and processing services at significantly faster speeds and lower costs than traditional on-site eDiscovery work.

Peter Mansmann
CEO, Precise Inc.

eDiscovery Solutions

Scale and Optimize eDiscovery and Litigation Readiness

Digital Reef's eDiscovery gives attorneys andlitigation support professionals over eDiscovery and litigation readiness includingprocessing, and powerful Early Case Assessment.

With built-in exports into legal review and production environments, Digital Reef eDiscovery supports the complete Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM).

e-Discovery solutions

Digital Reef's eDiscovery Solution Includes Early Case Assessment

With Digital Reef's Early Case Assessment (ECA) application, attorney’s and litigation support teams have fast access to browse and analyze legal matters with powerful analytics including: email thread analysis, concept profiling and tagging,, advanced content clustering, and exeact and near duplicate analysis.

The ECA application has a simple, intuitive interface for a wide range staff to lead attorneys and provides the litigation support and IT powerful tools to search, cull, review, and tag for report generation. Organizations can run defensible, iterative initial data assessments that reduce responsive data sets by upwards of 80% - that translates into significant cost savings in downstream processing and review.

Digital Reef can help organizations make eDiscovery more efficient.

  • eDiscovery for enterprises - Use one hosted solution for processing, analysis, review and production of large matters while minimizing cost and risk.
  • eDiscovery for Law Firms - Support even the largest matters with the most scalable eDiscovery platform available today and better service clients with faster, more-informed decision making.
  • eDiscovery for Service Providers - ensure the optimal data center processing performance with a scalable EDRM lifecycle platform for processing and analyzing matters and leverage Digital Reef's own hosted Discovery Center for overflow matter capacity.

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