"Digital Reef eDiscovery Processing Service"
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Digital Reef's eDiscovery Processing Service

Responding to litigation can be a risky, time-consuming, and costly process. Organizations must scramble to identify, preserve and collect all potentially responsive ESI; cull it down to a manageable set for review by counsel; and produce the responsive ESI to opposing counsel. Each step is not only laden with its own inherent cost but, if not done correctly, can exacerbate the downstream cost and risk.

Digital Reef Is The Fastest Path To Review

Digital Reef is a leading e-discovery software provider helping enterprises, law firms, and litigation support service providers with their largest and most complex eDiscovery matters. Digital Reef’s e discovery platform is the first truly enterprise-scale e-discovery solution that manages all legal matters, regulatory inquiries, and corporate investigations.

Using the industry’s fastest, most scalable and secure grid-based SaaS eDiscovery platform, leading companies have chosen Digital Reef as part of their EDRM system to process, analyze, review, and produce ESI. As a result, they accelerate early case assessment (ECA), increase review throughput, reduce movement of data across multiple tools, and improve the defensibility of their electronic discovery processing. 

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